A Girls Guide to a Great Weekend in Stockholm {Stockholm, Sweden}

This past March a group of friends and I spontaneously chose Stockholm, Sweden as our place for a weekend getaway. What drew us in was not just the idea of walking about the colorful streets of Stockholm, or eating delicious Swedish cuisine, or even to satisfy our endless desire to shop contemporary Swedish designs—it was probably the hope for a lasting and beautiful experience with friends. Needless to say, our decision to travel to Sweden did not disappoint!

Embrace the Cold

For this California girl, my idea of March is the first days by the pool; spring dresses and iced tea—all while working on my tan of course. If you travel in March, there will likely be snow, so be sure to pack and dress smart. With a warm coat, thermals, and cozy socks, you’ll be ready to experience vintage old-world charm and soak up the beautiful snowflakes falling all around you as you walk down the quaint streets of Stockholm.

Overall, this was a perfect time of year to visit, especially if you like to avoid crowds and feel like you have the city all to yourself.

So embrace the cold, you’ll have plenty of time to heat up naked in the hotel sauna later 😉


Never Turn Down a Bar Made of Ice

The ice bar was a unique experience that we didn’t want to pass up. You get to wear a huge parka and enjoy your vodka drink of choice from a glass made of ice. The drink I chose was a sweet glass of deliciousness—apple cinnamon. After you’ve reached your limit of freezing your buns off, taking pictures, and licking the walls made of ice (yes we did), you can head out and eat your choice of delicious fresh burgers or pizza. I got the burger and it was YUMMY with shoestring fries (my favorite). This was a package deal that comes with your Ice Bar ticket and from one foodie to another it was worth it.

2016-06-17_0004 2016-06-17_0005


Photo Credit: Abigail


Take it all in 

My FAVORITE thing to do when traveling is simply BE THERE and let the experience come to you. Breathe it all in. Scan every angle of your view top to bottom and all around. Touch the antique doors, feel the uneven ground of the cobble stone roads beneath your feet. Just BE THERE.





Photo Credit: Abigail 


Photo Credit: Crystal

2016-06-17_0034 2016-06-17_0035



2016-06-17_0012 2016-06-17_0013 2016-06-17_0014 2016-06-17_0015



A word to live by. Fika is a Swedish word that translates as, “taking a break for coffee and a bite to eat.” But it means much more than that. It’s a moment to relax, laugh, and enjoy fleeting moments in time with good friends, good food, and good conversation. We enjoyed lots of Fika during our time there, but perhaps most exciting of all was enjoying a Fika in the historic old town Gamla Stan’s red building.


A Grand Time for Tea

Tea at The Grand Hotel was an experience of a lifetime! They have their own special tea blend that was a bit of heaven in a perfectly shaped tea cup. The food… Ummm.. If ever there was a title for worlds best scone, these would surely take the prize.



The view from our table at The Grand Hotel. We were surprised by a Saint Patrick’s Day parade.


After leaving our tea, we heard some good beats and followed the music, which led us to a ballroom of enchantment. This exquisite ballroom was getting prepared for an evening event, but the wonderful staff was quite friendly, and even let Crystal bust some moves on the stage (secret iPhone video unavailable for viewers… lol).


Shop in Old Town

Sweden is superb for their home interiors and decor. I love all the fresh contemporary styles we came across. They also had a wonderful mixture of vintage shops, art and of course the beloved and much sought out Swedish horse. We spent hours adoring shop after shop and relishing all that Sweden has to offer.


Photo Credit: Crystal ~ This is Abigail. An artist in an art gallery. 


Photo Credit: Abigail



Go Out at Night

Night time is one of the best times to explore any big city, and Stockholm is no exception. You never know what you’ll stumble across on a cold snowy night in down town Stockholm.



And the lights… oh the lights… My heart always flutters at the sight of illuminating reflections dancing on top of the water.


2016-06-17_0023 2016-06-17_0024

Eat the Meatballs

So I’m a bit of a foodie.. or shall I say food snob? I greatly appreciate freshly made, whole ingredients; recipes you can tell have been passed down throughout generations, something that took time and effort, textures that put your taste buds on goodness overload. I LOVE FOOD. Every good and glorious thing you have ever heard said about REAL SWEDISH MEATBALLS is true… It’s so TRUE! These delectable bites of meat generously smothered in a savory gravy are sure to fulfill your every taste bud craving. The lingonberries and pickled cucumber bring in a fresh sweet aspect, and the potatoes… oh the potatoes! Smooth buttery fluffy amazingness! If you are looking for a reason to visit Stockholm, coming to eat these meatballs is more than enough!

Bakfickan next to the Kungliga Operan is the place to go. 

2016-06-17_0007 2016-06-17_0008

Bring Home Memories

The best souvenirs are the memories we capture. We all have different things that catch our eyes and speak to our hearts. Bring your camera, show the world how you see Stockholm, and remember to share 🙂


13461276_10208127715662778_748226561_oPhoto Credit: Abigail


Photo Credit: Crystal

Thanks for stopping by, until next time 🙂

Or shall I say… Tack, tills nästa gång, adjö



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  • Crystal - June 21, 2016 - 9:36 am

    This took me down memory lane. Thank you for doing such an amazing job capturing our time in Sweden together! – CReplyCancel

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