Styling Your Fall Family Formals {Castle Acre Priory, England}

Guest Post by Crystal Russell

Home should be an anchor, a port in a storm, a refuge and happy place in which to dwell, a place where we are loved, and where we can love. – Marvin J. Ashton

There is nothing in this life more precious to me than my family. They are my greatest adventure, a true gift from God. I am abundantly blessed to have my husband, my boy and my two girls. One of our favorite things as family to do is to look back at fun memories or funny stories of the kids when they were babies. It’s not my natural tendency to look back at the past and reminisce over memories. I am future minded but I do remember how the past or certain stories made me feel. My eldest (who is 6) has an amazing memory, she remembers things from when she was two better than even I do. The past is important to her, and something I have tried to do over the years is to create memories not material. Experiences and memories will mean more than all the wealth in the world to my children. That’s where their foundation and roots will come from. Two of the best things we want to give our kids are roots and wings.

That’s why we think investing in family photos is win-win. Savanna Dutcher is a true artist and photographer who doesn’t just take pictures but creates something magical, a moment in time. I know these photos will be one of our most treasured keepsakes 15 years from now. With these beautiful images of our family we can talk about our memories in England, how our youngest daughter was born here, and how we went on adventures. Photos capture a piece of time and give us a glimpse of what is now gone. What is certain is that the years will pass and our children will continue to grow. Things will change, we may be living in the same house or maybe we will have moved to another country. We may have had to say good-bye to great friends and start again with new ones.

No matter our location on the globe, or the latest fashions, what will never change is my family. Family photos are super special and I am so thankful to have teamed up with Savanna to give you a double combo of fashion with purpose and how to style a family photo shoot.


Styling Tips:

First, it is easy to get overwhelmed! But a well-balanced picture, is not as hard as you think. I started by asking some ladies whom I respect (like my sister and Savanna) for their perspectives. We got there together. Here is our collective advice:

  1. Be authentic. You want your pictures to show something about who you are as a family and as individuals.
  2. Find your inspiration. This can be a place, a particular pattern, fall colors, something you enjoy, then build off that.
  3. Forget about perfection. Perfection is a myth; If you want it, hire a professional team and spend a lot of money.
  4. Achieve balance. Think:
  • Cohesion. Are everyone’s colors matching? Are they too “matchy-matchy”? Are the patterns/colors interesting? You don’t want everyone wearing all white (that is just boring). You also don’t want to look like a kaleidoscope (that is just crazy).
  • Position. Think about who you are going to place where?
  • Colors. A good rule of thumb choose 3-4 colors and have a base color.

Remember. If you don’t like something, change it. These are pieces of art for your wall, memories that will live in your home, and they will be the face of that heart-warming greeting card to your closest family and friends. At the end of the day it is not about the clothes you are wearing, but about the people. So let your love as a family shine, be bold, be brave, and be you.

Styling Your Fall Family Formals {Castle Acre Priory, England}

Styling Your Fall Family Formals {Castle Acre Priory, England}

Styling Your Fall Family Formals {Castle Acre Priory, England}

Styling Your Fall Family Formals {Castle Acre Priory, England}

Styling Your Fall Family Formals {Castle Acre Priory, England}

Styling Your Fall Family Formals {Castle Acre Priory, England}

Styling Your Fall Family Formals {Castle Acre Priory, England}

Styling Your Fall Family Formals {Castle Acre Priory, England}

My Outfit:

Shirt: Boden

Blazer: People Tree –

Necklace: Mata Trader –

Jeans: Levi’s –

Please share with us the steps you’ve taken so far or if you have any questions. Here in the comment section or over at HTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/US.ALLOFUSMATTER/?REF=AYMT_HOMEPAGE_PANEL

Join us on this journey of dressing with a purpose!

Through God’s Grace,


Join us November 4th to learn how to add layers and work with what you have in your closet for fall. Also, learn what was the greatest advice I received when learning to style myself. See how I take this outfit and I mix it in different ways

With love,

Crystal & Savanna

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